Born in Portugal, the vibrant heart of Europe’s tech scene, Space Wine Lab emerged from the mind of a digital nomad entrepreneur armed with only a used laptop and a dream, ignited by the country’s rich history and its global connection through an ancient culture.

Space Wine Lab grew in collaboration with engineers, designers, and artists who embody the vision that the future is more than just a dream, It’s a tangible expression of lifestyle and sophistication that we can shape with our actions today. Adopting this vision, Space Wine Lab creates distinctive designs, fashion, tech, and art inspired by the future of human civilization, science, space exploration, and technological advancements, even envisioning the taste of fine wine in space.

Founded with the motto: “The destiny of humanity lies beyond!”, Space Wine Lab embraces cutting-edge technologies from Artificial Intelligence to sustainable practices. This commitment to innovation shapes a unique identity in its designs and led to the creation of emblematic collections and the founding of the house of SOMMƎLIƎR™, an avant-garde lifestyle brand, the symbol of a passion, attitude, and elegance, presenting minimalist, detailed, and reinterpreted classic designs. 

After over a decade, Space Wine Lab expanded in 2023 through its online concept shop & gallery, spacewine.io. Partnering with generations of artists, designers, brands and creators worldwide, Space Wine Lab launches curated seasonal and unique collections to celebrate not only humanity but also to present distinctive and custom trending styles that global communities can follow on social media.

Robert Rodrigues | Co-Founder & Creative Director | robert@spacewine.io

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